Past events
Workshop with PayPal

15th Nov 2020

On Sunday, Aidha students and alumna joined an interesting and interactive session by PayPal. Participants learned more about the different modes of online payment they can adopt for their future or existing businesses. Our volunteers from PayPal also had a useful demonstration on how to get started with online payments through a PayPal business account and the many benefits that comes with it, including the buyer and seller protection feature.

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Ride for Aidha 2020

01st Nov 2020

It has been a unique year for Ride for Aidha, and we’ve been delighted how Team Aidha has come together virtually to support and cheer each other on. Team Aidha is made up of over 135 riders, including 16 Aidha students and alumnae, and 10 corporate teams with over 75 riders. Many of our riders are also volunteers and individuals who are passionate about Aidha’s mission.

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Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2020

25th Oct 2020

We would like to thank everyone who tuned in for the Aidha Graduation Ceremony 2020 on Facebook LIVE. It was an amazing sight to see all the graduates being celebrated for their achievements, strength and determination. During the LIVE virtual ceremony, we received many warm wishes and lovely congratulatory messages from all around the world!

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Aidha's 14th Anniversary

19th Jul 2020

We celebrated our 14th anniversary on 19 July 2020 with a wonderful virtual panel discussion to pay homage to our alumni, near and far, and to our students for being the beating heart of the Aidha community. We also took a stroll down memory lane with a video of Aidha through the years that you can watch here.

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Aidha’s very own English Club!

21st Jun 2020

On the morning of 21 June, Sunday, 15 Aidha students had an enjoyable time sharing about their daily lives and catching up with each other during our very first English Club zoom session! The online session was an additional supplement to our English Club WhatsApp group which we had launched mid-May for our current ‘Improve Your English’ students to continue learning and stay connected with the Aidha community.

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Maintaining Wellness at Aidha: Yoga and Zumba

14th Jun 2020

On the afternoon of Sunday, 14th June, our students and alumni had a fun time trying out different Yoga poses and breathing techniques during our fortnightly Online Yoga Session. Aidha has been conducting Online Yoga Sessions and Online Zumba Sessions on alternate weeks, respectively, as part of our wellness series, which has been particularly popular among our students!

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Building our Resilience at Aidha

14th Jun 2020

On the morning of Sunday, 14 June, Aidha held an online seminar “Building Your Resilience”. Due to its popularity, this was the third session of Aidha’s series on community wellbeing during such challenging times, and over 100 students and alumni have attended the class since our first session in April! During the session, students learnt what resilience is and how to develop personal resilience to be better prepared for life’s challenges.

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Digital Marketing in COVID-19 times

31st May 2020

To help our Module 3 students and alumni adapt to the increasingly digitalised business landscape, we held an online workshop on social media marketing on Sunday, 31 May. The interactive online workshop was led by Ida Supahat, Aidha’s former communications manager and a small business owner, and participants had a fruitful session learning together.

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Staying Calm: Introduction to Mindfulness

10th May 2020

On Sunday, 10 May, 25 Aidha students, alumni and trainees came together to explore mindfulness, a part of Aidha’s series on community wellbeing in light of the current situation. We discussed our emotions, journaled, and learned a few breathing techniques to aid in focusing more on the present, so that we can enjoy and be thankful of our present lives.

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Debt Management Short Course

19th Jan 2020

On Sunday, 19 January, Aidha’s students participated in an engaging session of our Debt Management short course, a collaboration between AMP Singapore and Aidha. During the session, participants learned the right tools to prevent and manage debt.

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Aidha's Open House and Movie Screening on 8 December

08th Dec 2019

Join us at Aidha's campus on 8 December to celebrate the festive season with fun and exciting activities: Baking competition, empathy game and screening of 'The Helper'. The Helper" documentary is an award-winning documentary showcasing the sacrifices and the spirit of Hong Kong’s unsung heroes, the migrant domestic workers. The screening will start at 2.15pm. The event is free and open to everyone!

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Aidha's Charity Quiz Night on 19 November 2019!

19th Nov 2019

Join the Aidha community for a fun night as we start the festive season together and launch our 2019 Gift of Education campaign!

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Tech Workshop with Google Singapore

17th Nov 2019

On Sunday, 17 November, Aidha students and their friends participated in an exciting tech workshop organised by Google Singapore. During the practical session under the guidance of 30 Google volunteers, participants learned how to use different apps to manage their activities and track their savings.

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Aidha's Open House on 22 September

22nd Sep 2019

Join us and learn more about Aidha's courses, meet our alumni, visit the campus and hear from Aidha students presenting their plan and sharing their story during the Aidha Business Plan competition.

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Aidha’s 13th Anniversary Carnival Party and Open House

07th Jul 2019

Happy 13th Anniversary Aidha! On Sunday, 7th July 2019, we celebrated 13 years of women empowerment, inspiring moments and a whole lot of amazing memories with the Aidha community.

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Trekking @MacRitchie Reservoir

30th Jun 2019

We ended June with a bang! On Sunday, 30th June, we had over 30 Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) set out with a group of Aidha ambassadors and volunteers to trek along the Macritchie Reservoir trail.

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Social Media and Content Creation Workshop

23rd Jun 2019

It was an insightful day for Aidha students who attended the social media workshop with Aidha's communications manager, Ida Supahat and over 30 students and alumni attended the workshop.

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Intro Workshop with Women of Shakti

02nd Jun 2019

Aidha organised a Personal and Financial Goals Workshop for Women of Shakti, a HOME subsidiary and the 1st and only women empowerment group set up by and for South Asian (Tamil and Malayalee) domestic workers based in Singapore. The intent of the workshop was to discuss and educate the group present on managing their finances better.

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Sassy Mama Helper Appreciation Event 2019

01st Jun 2019

On 1st June, Sassy Mama Singapore held the annual Helper Appreciation Event after an entire month filled with goodies, especially for FDWs!

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Aidha Tour de Singapore 2019

12th May 2019

On Sunday, 12th May 2019, Aidha and a team of over 100 cyclists, consisting of partners from Anza, Barclays, Cargill, Duff & Phelps, Aidha volunteers and Aidha students, cycled for Aidha's Tour de Singapore in the OCBC Cycle 2019! The event helped us raise awareness for the empowerment of FDWs and lower-income women and reach the fundraising goal of $30,000 in support of Aidha’s life-changing financial literacy and empowerment programmes. 

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Benefit Cosmetics: Bold is Beautiful Workshop

05th May 2019

On Sunday 5th May, Aidha hosted a workshop in partnership with Benefit Cosmetics at UWCSEA Campus. The workshop had an entrepreneurial panel by Christabel Chua (Bellywellyjelly), one of Singapore's best lifestyle & beauty influencers and owner of online fashion store, kāi and a creative eyebrow workshop by Benefit Cosmetics. Christabel Chua spoke about her journey as an entrepreneur and highlighted some great insights that will help our students in their own entrepreneurial path in the future.

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Inaugural Weekday Class @ BNY Mellon on April 10, 2019

10th Apr 2019

After months of planning, we are pleased to announce that Aidha’s inaugural weekday class has started on Wednesday 10th April! This is in partnership with @BNY Mellon and we are so excited to collaborate with them on this. We had 19 students enrolled and they were excited to be part of the first cohort of the weekday class. A big thank you to the BNY Mellon team and especially Ashley Park Frazier who spearheaded the project along with Hwee Choo, Woonlu Tan and Sarat Krovvidi. BNY Mellon has always been a huge supporter of Aidha and we are happy that we are able to continue with the partnership.

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gTech for Good Workshop @ the Google Office on 7 April 2019

07th Apr 2019

On Sunday, April 7, 2019, Aidha headed down to the Google Office to learn using Google and its apps to improve personal finance tracking. Around 50 students from Aidha headed to the workshop where volunteers from Google had prepared everything for Aidha student to have an informative yet fun day! During the workshop session, we touched upon many topics like "Learn how to use Google apps to plan activities and budgeting" in an interactive manner which made it all the more interesting. 

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Sri Lankan Community Celebration on March 31, 2019

31st Mar 2019

On Sunday, 31 March, Aidha was invited to be a part of a special event, Sinhala & Tamil New Year Festival hosted by Danushka, an Aidha student from Sri Lanka at West Coast Park. It was a celebration of the uniqueness and splendour of their culture and traditions! They commenced the festival by the lighting of the oil lamp that signifies good luck and power. Then, they started out with a beautiful, traditional Sinhalese dance and wrapped up with loads of fun games and activities.

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Trainees' Team Building & Training on 31st Mar 2019

31st Mar 2019

On Sunday, 31st Mar 2019, Janet Evangelista, Aidha's campus manager organised training for our trainees at United World College Dover! We also enlisted expert help from the amazing people at BTS, Darren Lim and Laura Zaccaria to facilitate the training session. The training was conducted so that operations on Sundays can run smoothly and students, mentors and volunteers can enjoy their day at the campus. In addition to that, participants learnt how to work as a team and improve communication skills amongst each other.

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#IWD19 Movie Screening and Photography & Poetry Show on 10 Mar 2019

10th Mar 2019

On Sunday 10th March, the Aidha community gathered to celebrate International Women’s Day at the Malay Heritage Centre. There was lots of laughter and emotion, resulting in a fun day for everyone! First, we watched a screening of The Helper Documentary which gave a great insight into the lives of FDWs in Hong Kong, and then the IWD poets and photographers presented their #StrongerTogether pieces.

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International Women's Day 2019: Movie Screening @ Facebook APAC Office on 7 Mar 2019

07th Mar 2019

On 7th March, Aidha celebrated its first International Women’s Day event of 2019 at the Facebook office! The event was attended by members of the public who were all there to watch a special screening of The Helper documentary. Afterwards, attendees were joined by 3 panelists who discussed some of the issues that were highlighted in the movie. Associate Professor Anju Mary Paul of Yale NUS college, Aidha’s CEO Ms. Jacqueline Loh, and Aidha alumni Ms Mayrhose Coronado talked about how working conditions can be improved for FDWs, possible policy changes in Singapore, and how regular people can help, amongst other topics.

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Aidha Outreach @ Covenant Presbyterian Church on 17 Feb 2019

17th Feb 2019

On Sunday, 17th February, Aidha kicked off its first outreach program for 2019 at the Covenant Presbyterian Church. The program was aimed at introducing Aidha to the Sri Lankan Community of Singapore. We received an extremely warm welcome thanks to Pastor Christina and the very enthusiastic members of the Sri Lankan community.

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#SheMeansBusiness Workshop on 27 January 2019

27th Jan 2019

On Sunday, 27th Jan 2019, a group of Aidha students and their friends headed to Facebook's Asia-Pacific office for a presentation on using Facebook for business. It was quite an exciting day as Aidha partnered with #SheMeansBusiness. Participants learnt how to create engaging content which can be used for business growth. The Facebook team led the presentation and also shared tips on how to use free apps to create content and the importance of privacy/security when using Facebook.

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Aidha Photography Exhibition 2018

24th Nov 2018

Join Aidha’s annual photography competition that is open to all foreign domestic workers (FDWs) and have your photos featured at our upcoming exhibition on 24th & 25th Nov held at Intersections. Competition winners will receive cash prizes totaling $1500 with a grand prize of $500! 

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Graduation Ceremony 2018

28th Oct 2018

Aidha's biggest and most exciting event! The Graduation Ceremony is a special moment for the whole Aidha community as we celebrate the achievements of the graduating class of 2018.

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Aidha Graduation Ceremony 2018

28th Oct 2018

Aidha Graduation Ceremony is one of the biggest events on the Aidha calendar and this year, we are proud to present 110 Aidha graduates from the Class of 2018!

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Make Your Money Work For You Workshop @ CDE

23rd Sep 2018

Aidha was invited by Centre for Domestic Employees - CDE to run the "Make Your Money Work for You" workshop where we shared tips and tricks on money management to 25 FDWs.

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Asian Premiere of Soufra Screening

01st Sep 2018

Aidha was invited by Air Amber to participate in the Asian Premiere of "Soufra" at Capitol Theater.

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ABA Workshop

26th Aug 2018

Aidha Business Accelerator (ABA) workshop at the Aidha Sunday Camus to fine tune and refine their business plans under mentor Mr. Paolo Adragna.

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ABA Google Workshop

19th Aug 2018

Google has been a great partner of Aidha's for a long time and on 19th August, they organised a workshop for ABA to design logos for the alumni's businesses.

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Aidha’s Sports Day

08th Jul 2018

On Sunday, July 8th, Aidha partnered with HOME - Humanitarian Organization for Migrant Economics - to host the first-ever Sports Day event open to all domestic workers.

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Benefit Cosmetics X Aidha

13th May 2018

Kicking off the “Bold is Beautiful” campaign with a make-up grooming session! We have an amazing entrepreneurial panel ready to share tips ranging from beauty to business, giving our participants the best of both worlds! Aidha students unleashed their creativity and told us what it meant to be 100%!

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OCBC Cycle 2018

06th May 2018

Both riders and volunteers got up bright and early on a Sunday morning to support Team Aidha in the OCBC CYCLE Event. Our riders ranged from Ansa professional bikers, bikers from Barclay’s and our very own Aidha students.

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D.I.Y. Sustainable Skincare -

22nd Apr 2018

Aidha organised a D.I.Y. Skincare Workshop for all FDWs to learn how to make face masks out of household ingredients!

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#SheMeansBusiness Workshop and Office Tour

15th Apr 2018

‘When women succeed, we all win’ Aidha and Facebook organized the second edition of #SheMeansBusiness workshop at Facebook Asia-Pacific Office. This workshop allowed our participants to hear from women setting up their businesses and taught women nifty tips and tricks on how to use Facebook for their businesses as well as online safety!

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ABA & Yoga Workshop

08th Apr 2018

‘Exercise your mind and body’ Aidha held it’s fourth ABA workshop. Aidha alumni had a step-by-step guide to help them get ready for their coveted business pitch competition! After the stressful session, all alumni and mentors engaged in a stress relieving session of yoga.

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22nd Mar 2018

Benefit Cosmetics is back with their "Bold is Beautiful" campaign and Aidha was invited to the Benefit brunch and press launch. Aidha's own alumni, Radliyah, shared a touching story of her life struggles and how she overcame them.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Talk

18th Mar 2018

Aidha and Breast Cancer Foundation arranged a free Breast Cancer Awareness talk with over 60 Aidha students and other FDWs attending the session. The talk covered causes, symptoms, effects and possible cures with doctors present to give an educational presentation to all the attendees. Esther Sim, a repeated survivor of breast cancer, gave an inspirational talk about her journey.

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#SheMeansBusiness Facebook Workshop

29th Jan 2018

Aidha and 60 FDWs headed to Facebook’s Asia Pacific office for a tour around the office and a presentation on using Facebook for business. Aidha partnered with #SheMeansBusiness and presented on women in business and how social media platforms can be used for business growth and ways to protect their data safety.

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Unspoken Life: Aidha Photography Exhibition 2017

16th Dec 2017

Aidha organised its final event of the year, the Unspoken Life: Aidha Photography Competition & Exhibition 2017! The Opening Night was graced by the media, representatives from Indonesia and Philippines embassy, corporate partners and Aidha supporters. The gallery provided a platform for foreign domestic workers to show off their photography skills, creativity and inspirational stories.

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