#SheMeansBusiness Facebook Workshop

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“When women succeed, we all win.” On the 29th of January 2018, Aidha along with over 60 FDWs (Aidha students and non-students) headed to Facebook’s Asia-Pacific office, for a presentation on using Facebook for business and a grand tour of the Facebook Asia Pacific office. It was quite an exciting day as Aidha partnered with #SheMeansBusiness for the first time (not the last time for sure!) and presented on Women in Business and how social media tools like Facebook and Instagram can be used for business growth. Clair Deevy and Diana Seodardi from the #shemeansbusiness Facebook team led the presentation and shared tips and tricks for excelling as a Woman in the business world and also pressed on the importance of privacy/security when using Facebook. They also highlighted to the attendees the difference between Business vs Personal Profile Page – which is crucial to anyone kickstarting their company. This was followed by refreshments and a terrific tour of the super cool Facebook Asia Pacific office. We cannot thank the #SheMeansBusiness team enough for the organising the workshop and share all those great insights with our students.

All the photos from the event can be found here.

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