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Building our Resilience at Aidha

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On the morning of Sunday, 14 June, Aidha held an online seminar “Building Your Resilience”. This was the third session of Aidha’s series on community wellbeing during such challenging times, and we have received lots of positive feedback about these sessions – over 100 students and alumni have attended the class since our first session in April!

During the session, Mentor Michele Klyne helped students to understand what resilience is and how to develop personal resilience to be better prepared for life’s challenges. Students learnt that resilience is about being able to stay strong during difficult times and bounce back quickly. Students practised using reframing as a way to handle a challenging situation differently and arrive at a more positive outcome. They also learnt that to build resilience, we need to take care of five key pillars of resilience in our lives: mental, social, emotional, spiritual and physical. Check out the slide from the session to have an overview of the pillars!

Participants also got to hear from fellow student about her experiences in using resilience to face challenges. A big thank you to Michelle and all those involved in supporting this session and of course our students for actively participating!

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