Module 1

Manage Your Money & Tech


✓ Learn how to save, budget, plan and stick to a budget.

✓ Build self-esteem and improve your presentation & communication skills.

✓ Improve relevant and practical IT skills on computer and phone. 

Additional benefits

✧ Maximum 24 students per class with two volunteer trainers/ teachers

✧ Student handbook, Aidha bag and certificate upon completion

✧ Free Aidha events and a safe environment to learn and have fun

Module 1 is taught in two parts: Manage Your Money and Essential Computer Skills. Each part is 3 months long.

Next starting dates:

Sunday, 12 May 2024 (AM)

(in-person classes at Aidha @ Catapult)

Sunday, 12 May 2024 (PM)

(in-person classes at Aidha @ Catapult)

Sunday, 19 May 2024 (AM)

(in-person classes at Aidha @ FAST Hub)

Any migrant domestic worker with a basic level of English can enrol now!

Course details

Course fee

$150 / $200

Course fee

$150 / $200

The course fee depends on discounts given and can be found directly on the enrolment pages.

There are package prices if you sign up for more than one module. 


3 + 3 months


3 + 3 months

Every other Sunday
(choose between 2 timings:
10am – 1pm or 2pm – 5pm)


40% more savings!


40% more savings!

Our impact data shows: Monthly savings increase on average by 40% after finishing Module 1.

You can find out more about our reach and impact here:

What our students say



Aidha helped me build confidence in pursuing my goals. And I do believe that confidence is companion of success. 

Angeline Matulin Diego
Aidha 2020 Alumna from The Philippines

Course content

Module 1 – Manage Your Money (3 Months / 6 x 3h)

In each session you will have one Money Management 1 and one Communication & Confidence class.

Money Management 1

6 x 1.5 hours class

Learn how to:

✓ Set your savings goals
✓ Create a budget and stick to it
✓ Save money
✓ Share your saving goals with family
✓ Make your money work for you

Communication & Confidence

6 x 1.5 hours class

Learn how to:

✓ Listen in order to understand
✓ Deal with stress and challenges in life
✓ Express yourself with confidence
✓ Organise your life

Module 1 – Essential Computer Skills (3 Months / 6 x 3h)

In each session you will have two Essential Computer Skills classes.

12 x 1.5 hours class

Learn how to:

✓ Develop confidence and proficiency in using a computer, iPad/tablet or smartphone
✓ Protect your privacy and security on social media
✓ Open, edit and save using Google Suite (Docs, Sheets and Slides)
✓ Draft letters, create spreadsheets and presentations

Please note:

• Essential Computer Skills will be offered face to face on campus as soon as this becomes possible.
• Module 2 can be commenced before Essential Computer Skills
Essential Computer Skills must be completed before taking Module 3

Session Plan

You can find a more detailed plan showing all course sessions of Module 1 here:


Flyer for Module 1 (PDF)

Download our flyer with all important information about Module 1 here. 

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Any questions?

Ask our Campus Operations Team! 

You can contact us at
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Enrol now! New courses start regularly and any migrant domestic worker can join!

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