Trekking @MacRitchie Reservoir

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We ended June with a bang! On Sunday, 30th June, we had over 30 Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) set out with a group of Aidha ambassadors and volunteers to trek along the Macritchie Reservoir trail. We gathered at the Windsor Nature Park point at 9AM for a fun, active and healthy end to the long week! The group was led by an alumni, Armi Sampani who led us from warming up, the trek and then making sure we did our stretches in the end. The fun-group of FDWs get their spirits high all the way along with selfies, singalongs, chits chats and more. The Tree-top walk was the highlight of the trip. The trek ended with a delicious picnic which included sticky rice with mango, tuna sandwiches, fried rice and spaghetti. A big thanks to the Aidha ambassadors and team for making sure the trek was a success. 

For more pictures, check out here

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