digital marketing workshop for fdws in singapore

Digital Marketing in COVID-19 times

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With the current COVID-19 situation, businesses have taken their operations and marketing efforts online. To help prepare our Module 3 students and alumni to adapt to the rapidly evolving business landscape, we held an online workshop on ways to engage your audience with social media during COVID-19 on Sunday, 31 May.

The interactive online workshop was led by Ida Supahat, Aidha’s former communications manager and a small business owner, and participants had a fruitful session learning together. Participants learned about the importance of understanding their audience with real-life examples from other small regional businesses who have successfully changed their marketing initiatives to cater to customers’ demands. Participants broke out into smaller groups and brainstormed on ideas to identify a business’s audience, branding and platforms to leverage on. The session also featured useful apps and tools to create vibrant content for social media.

Thank you to Ida Supahat for facilitating the super interesting and interactive online workshop and sharing some very useful apps for participants to use for their businesses! Also, a special mention to our alumni who joined us from their home countries. Let’s keep learning together!

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