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Staying Calm: Introduction to Mindfulness

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On Sunday, 10 May, 25 Aidha students, alumni and trainees came together to explore mindfulness. This was a part of Aidha’s series on taking care of community wellbeing during this uncertain period, with a lot of changes in the world.

Every day, we’re bombarded by so much information and updates on what’s going on in the world, available at the tip of our fingers through the mobile phones. While we enjoy connecting with our loved ones and the world, we shouldn’t forget to bring our attention to the present, and mindfulness can help us to bring awareness to our emotions, mind and surroundings. During the session, we discussed our emotions, penned down our thoughts on things that bring us joy (i.e. journaling) and learned a few breathing techniques to aid in focusing more on the present, so that we can enjoy and be thankful of our lives today, rather than worrying too much about the past or the future.

Thank you students, alumni and trainees for the active participation, and mentor Yina for facilitating the session. We look forward to seeing our community members in our next wellness programme session so please keep watching our space!

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