Student Stories

We are proud of all our students for taking the first step to achieving financial independence. We see how our courses have transformed the lives of our students.

Here are some stories of our amazing and inspiring students and alumnae. 

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Emelda Cariaga

2020 Alumna from The Philippines 

With the help of Aidha Emelda managed to execute her business plan and successfully open her value store back home in the Philippines.



Aidha 2020 Alumna from Myanmar

When Cherry came to Singapore she spoke little English and found life here very difficult, but her employer encouraged her to join Aidha.

Siti Mujiate

Siti Mujiati

2019 Alumna from Indonesia

Siti wants to pass on her financial management skills to her daughters and train them to be independent.



2019 Alumna from The Philippines 

After graduating at Aidha Gleia is now the proud owner of a student hostel in her home town and has also started a printing business.



2016 Alumna from The Philippines

Ritchelles time at Aidha has allowed her confidence and talents to shine, and she is now an award-winning photographer in her spare time.



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Student Stories

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