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Aidha’s very own English Club!

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To encourage our students to continue learning and staying connected with the Aidha community, we launched an English Club WhatsApp Group in mid-May for our current ‘Improve Your English’ students. Through sharing fun English quizzes and exercises in the group, we supported students to practise their English at their own pace over these past months.

 As an additional supplement to the WhatsApp group, we held our first-ever English Club Online session on Sunday, 21 June! The two-part session started with a Zoom training conducted by the Aidha team to help students familiarise themselves with the key features of Zoom. The second part was an interactive session led by English mentors Meenakshi, Miki and Nirali, who guided students through the Diary Challenge exercise.

 The 15 Aidha students had an enjoyable morning sharing about their daily lives with each other, which was a wonderful opportunity for them to practise speaking English and, at the same time, to catch-up with their classmates. Our students also got to hear from Aidha alumni, Siti Mujiati, who shared her lovely story about how she spent her day and what she is grateful for.

 A big thank you and well done to our students for actively participating during the online session and independently practising during their free time. Thank you to our amazing English mentors for leading the session and preparing the activities for our students, and Siti for sharing her story! We look forward to more English Club Online sessions!

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