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Be inspired by incredible stories from MDWs, and find easy-to-use tools, which will help you make money decisions that are perfect for your needs! Why not add this page to your favourites – we’ll be adding new content regularly! 

Your Stories 

Follow the incredible stories of some of our students here!


Our #SuperStarSaver is starting to make her dreams a reality…

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Our #ChampionCommunicator transformed her life by speaking up…

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Our #ExtraordinaryEntrepreneur succeeds with a ‘never give up’ mindset…

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Set Your Savings Goal

Get started – It only takes 3 steps to set yourself up for success!


Save Every Day

Take these 3 simple actions to help you save every day!


Make a Budget

Start making spending decisions with your head and not your heart…

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Set your Savings Goal

 Learn how to set your savings goal, step-by-step!

Step 1 – Visualise your dreams with a dream board.

Step 2 – Choose realistic top goals and set a 5 Year Priority Goal.

Step 3 – Almost done! Work out your monthly savings goal.

Save Every Day

Take these 3 simple actions to help you #SaveEveryDay! 

Step 1 – Track your expenses with a spending diary.

Step 2 – Learn about your spending habits.

Step 3 – Make one simple change and save every day!

Become a savvy shopper

Find out HOW to make money decisions that meet your needs…

Can you tell the difference between ‘NEEDS’ vs ‘WANTS‘? It’s not always that easy!

Make spending decisions with your HEAD, not your heart & help others do the same.

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Aidha students learn how to save and invest

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