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Partners are a key part of the Aidha community and one of the main reasons behind our successful operations.

Aidha is a Singapore-based registered charity that was founded in 2006. In line with our mission as a not for profit organisation, Aidha offers subsidised course fees to all students, to ensure that the programmes remain affordable. Our generous partners enable us to offer scholarships for students and support our educational programmes. Their support and donations provide critical assistance in covering our full programme costs as the fees we charge our students cover less than 30% of actual costs. For partners who wish to sponsor a specific project, the funds would be set aside and used solely according to your requirements. There is no fixed planned timing of use for the fund. It will be whenever expenses relating to the project are incurred.

We are deeply grateful for our partners who support our mission and projects that will lead to positive change for migrant workers, their families and their communities.

We have leveraged our partnerships to engage various communities in Singapore, including businesses, universities, embassies and chambers of commerce, enabling Aidha to cover operating expenses and receive high-quality professional services that it could not have afforded otherwise. These efforts enable us to increase our resources and the impact of our work for the under-served communities we address.

To learn how your organisation can partner with Aidha, please contact us at [email protected] or call: (65) 6341 5287.

Our philanthropic partners*

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* The organisations listed have contributed substantially to our programmes and operations in the last 2 years. Aidha is also supported by other generous partners who prefer not to have their logos displayed.

Capacity building & workshops

Marketing and presentation workshops

Team building workshops.
Business simulation games for students

Complimentary eye testing for
FDWs at Aidha’s campus

Digital marketing skills trainings with Facebook and Instagram; Advertising partner

Research Partner

NGO Partners

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