Intro Workshop with Women of Shakti

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On Sunday,2nd June, Aidha organised a Personal and Financial Goals Workshop for Women of Shakti, a HOME subsidiary and the 1st and only women empowerment group set up by and for South Asian (Tamil and Malayalee) domestic workers based in Singapore. The intent of the workshop was to discuss and educate the group present on managing their finances better. Aidha members kicked off by stressing the importance of setting financial goals and then slowly yet steadily working towards it. We shared the difference between having a fixed vs growth mindset and gave them pointers on how they can effectively achieve the goals they set for themselves. One of the main things we focused on was the importance of communicating the goals with their families and trying to make them understand the importance of it for mutual benefit. We wrapped up the session with a money management game that revisited the points discussed in the session. We thank Women of Shakti for inviting us. Especially Aarthi from Women of Shakti for her help in translating the session, and Melinda & Mathilde for facilitating the session. 

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