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Maintaining Wellness at Aidha: Yoga and Zumba

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On the afternoon of Sunday, 14th June, our students and alumni had a fun time trying out different Yoga poses and breathing techniques during our fortnightly Online Yoga Session. Aidha has been conducting Online Yoga Sessions and Online Zumba Sessions on alternate weeks, respectively, as part of our wellness series. This is a particularly popular series among our students, who enjoy letting loose at the end of each week during these physically and mentally rewarding sessions!

During our hour-long Online Yoga Sessions with Yoga Guru Monica Bhagwandin, students learn basic breathing and stretching techniques to help their mind and body relax, and have fun trying out basic to slightly challenging yoga poses. Meanwhile, our students work up a sweat during our hour-long Zoom Zumba sessions, led by the fabulous Zumba trainer, Melanie Strawn. Participants always have so much fun grooving along to upbeat tunes in the comfort of their homes.

Be it Yoga or Zumba, our students undoubtedly feel more energised after each session and are ready to start the week in a fresh state of mind. Major thanks to Monica and Melanie for leading our online Yoga and Zumba sessions respectively, and to our students for their constant enthusiastic participation in our wellness series!

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