International Women's Day 2019 at the Malay Heritage Centre

#IWD19 Movie Screening and Photography & Poetry Show on 10 Mar 2019

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On Sunday 10th March, the Aidha community gathered to celebrate International Women’s Day at the Malay Heritage Centre. There was lots of laughter and emotion, resulting in a fun day for everyone!

First, we watched a screening of The Helper Documentary which gave a great insight into the lives of FDWs in Hong Kong, and then the IWD poets and photographers presented their #StrongerTogether pieces.

Thank you to Naive Gascon & Amanda Chong and Davy Animas & Tatiana Luo; Nabilah Said & Deni Apriyani and Victoria Allan & Kae Yuan; Theophilus Kwek & Yulia Endang and Mayrhose Coronado & Rania Mneimneh; Nupur Saraswat & Sugiarti Mustiarjo and Josephine Abay-Abay & Weilun Sheng; Marc Nair & Rea Maac and Dini Handayani & Elvin Ling. Also, thank you to all our attendees, volunteers, and event photographers David Boot and Ana Rohana. We hope you all continue to feel stronger together!

Click here to see more pictures from the event!

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