Ride for Aidha 2020

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From 1-15 November 2020, Team Aidha has gone the distance for women’s education logging over 2,000 kilometres so far, just through our Strava Ride for Aidha club.

It has been a unique year for Ride for Aidha, and we’ve been delighted how Team Aidha has come together virtually to support and cheer each other on. Team Aidha is made up of over 135 riders, including 16 Aidha students and alumnae, and 10 corporate teams with over 75 riders. Many of our riders are also volunteers and individuals who are passionate about Aidha’s mission.

Together, we’ve shared in each other’s cycling victories as well as challenges. Whether it was setting a cycling personal best of over 200km in one ride, for an Aidha student alumna, or a passing rider lending a helping hand when an Aidha rider needed bike maintenance mid-ride, Team Aidha riders have faced and conquered these challenges to reach the finish line and complete their #RideforAidha distance!

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