Step Two

Prioritise your goals

So you’ve put your dreams to paper, now it’s time for action! You’re much more likely to make your dreams a reality if you set realistic goals.

Setting REALISTIC GOALS will help FOCUS and MOTIVATE you!

1. Choose your top 3 goals

2. Decide how much time and money you’ll need

3. Add up the cost of your goals

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Here’s how!


→ Your goals need to be reachable! If the total cost is too high, change one or more of your goals to things that you can achieve within 5 years.

The TOTAL of your top 3 goals is your 5-YEAR PRIORITY GOAL. This is how much money you’ll need to save to reach all 3 of your top goals. Keep this table safe as you’ll need it for the next step! 

Don’t worry if you’re looking at your goal thinking, that’s such a huge amount – how can I ever save so much?! We’re here to help! 


Next, set your SAVINGS GOALS…

Here’s a super easy method to help you do this!

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