One Simple Change

… can help you to achieve your monthly savings goal!

With one simple change, Mary Joy was able to save $62 in just one month, and achieve her monthly savings goal for the first time! .

→ Click through Mary Joy’s story to find out how she did this…

What can I learn from Mary Joy?

You may be thinking, ‘I don’t drink coffee every day’ or, ‘I don’t drink coffee at all’, how can Mary Joy’s story help me?

For Mary Joy, coffee in the morning is a ‘need’. She needs a caffeine boost to get through her busy day! I’m sure that’s the same for many of us! But buying an expensive Starbucks coffee was a ‘want’. She enjoyed the experience of visiting the store and choosing her coffee toppings, but she didn’t actually need those add-ons! 

→ By switching from coffee to kopi, Mary Joy found a way to save money on one of her everyday ‘needs’. 

What can I change?

Mary Joy found her #OneSimpleChange, one that was perfect for her! Here’s how you can find yours:

A. Start by thinking about your spending habits. If you’ve been keeping a spending diary, use this to help you.

B. What do you do regularly i.e. once a week or more, that costs you money?

C. Can you make a saving by switching to a cheaper option?

Check out a few ideas to inspire you!


1. Share your story!

Share your #onesimplechange, and your saving success stories on our social media. Tag us on Facebook –, or on Instagram – Don’t forget to use #aidhasg too!

2. Start a spending diary!

Start a spending diary to learn about your habits.

3. Find a budget buddy!

Learn how a budget buddy could help you spend more wisely.

Congrats! You’ve completed all 3 steps!

Explore our Tips and Tools page for more helpful ways to save money… 

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