Track your spending

Keeping a spending diary will help you save more.

Do you know where your money goes every month?


You’re already no doubt a super saver, and very much in control of your finances!


Then start a spending diary!
In no time, you’ll be more aware of where your money’s going and how you can spend less!

Start a spending diary

Keeping a spending diary will help you find quick and easy ways to spend less and save more. You’ll also learn about your spending habits (the good and the not so good ones!). 

Not sure where to start? Follow our simple steps below!

Spending diary photo

Here’s how!

Record your expenses

Start by drawing a simple table – you can do this in a small notebook or on your phone.

→ Each time you buy something, write it down in your table.

Remember to record every expense, however small. Don’t forget to include the things you buy online too! Even the small purchases add up! 

Leave the Needs or Wants (N or W) column blank for now, we’ll show you how to use this on the next page. 

Draw this simple table:
TYS_graphic2_A2_snapshot 1_webready copy 2

Next, REFLECT on your spending…

Use your diary to help you spend less and save more…

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