Budget Buddies!

Don’t make spending decisions alone! Find a budget buddy!

Spending decisions are emotional – we make these decisions with our hearts and not our minds.

I’m sure you’ve all made an impulse buy, maybe a top that you didn’t really need or a delicious cake that was just too tempting to leave. Impulse buys are human, and sometimes we deserve a treat…but too many treats can keep us from reaching our savings goal.

That’s where a budget buddy comes in! A budget buddy can help us make spending decisions with our heads and not our hearts and we can help them do the same!

Here’s how!

→ When you or your budget buddy next think… ‘’mmm should I really buy this’’… use these questions to help you think with your head and not your heart… 


1. Take screenshots of these questions!

Use them when you’re out and about and deciding whether to make a purchase! Share them with your budget buddy (or buddies) too, so they can do the same!

2. Tell us about your budget buddy!

How do they motivate you? How are they helping you reach your goals? Tag us on Facebook – @aidha.org or on Instagram [email protected]. Don’t forget to use #aidhasg too!

3. Need a recap? Take our Quiz!

Take our ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ quiz to learn more about what ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ are!

What next?

Explore our Tips and Tools page to discover how you can spend less & save more every day…

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