Aidha’s Annual Unspoken Life Photography Exhibition 2018

As a way to celebrate foreign domestic workers (FDWs) as dreamers, artists and changemakers, Unspoken Life gives voice to the journeys that FDWs take when they arrive in Singapore. There are over 250,000 FDWs in Singapore but many remain unseen and invisible, defined solely by their duties and responsibilities. This photography exhibition delves beneath the labels to unfurl the many selves that FDWs keep hidden from Singapore society.

The featured photographs below are all taken by FDWs as part of Aidha’s Unspoken Life Photography Competition 2018. Photographs are available for sale and all proceeds will go towards Aidha’s 2018 Gift of Education campaign to raise funds for scholarships for our students. Do take note that you will receive the photograph(s) about a week after the confirmed order and collection will only take place at the Aidha office (748A North Bridge Road Singapore 198716). Please contact [email protected] if you have any other enquiries.

Cost of photographs:

Digital Photograph: $90
Without frame:                                      With frame:
A4 $100                                                   A4 $110
A3 $115                                                    A3 $130

You may purchase the photographs below:

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