Step Three

Work out your monthly savings goal

Breaking down your priority goal into mini monthly savings goals will make it feel a lot more reachable!

To set your MONTHLY savings goal, you’ll need your 5-Year Priority Savings Goal ( this is the goal you set in Step 2) and a calculator. Don’t worry, the maths is super easy!

1. Start with your 5 Year Priority Goal

2. Calculate your Yearly Savings Goal

3. Calculate your Monthly Savings Goal

GS3_graphic1_G1_WEBREADY copy

Here’s how!

GS_Step 3 _ graphic part a
GS_Step 3 graphic part b
GS_Step 3 _ graphic part c


1. Share your savings goal with your family.

Show them how you can only reach your dreams if you focus on your savings goal first.

2. Start a spending diary to track your spending.

This will help you to find ways to save more money.

3. Start making SAVING a Habit.

Use your diary, to help you better understand your spending habits, so you can make small savings every day!

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Congrats! You’ve completed all 3 steps!

Check out our Save Every Day Guide for help with reaching your monthly savings goal…

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