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February 28, 2024|

This month, we’re spotlighting Aidha’s Communications Team – Amirah and Nadhirah, who work together with the Marketing and Partnerships team and Aidha’s Student Ambassadors to bring you everything you see published on our digital platforms and more!

Amirah is Aidha’s Communications Manager and she oversees and implements Aidha’s communication strategy – ensuring consistent and effective messaging across various channels! Nadhirah (or Nad) is our chronically-online Communications Associate who works with Amirah. We asked them both a couple of fun questions below: 

1. Besides MDW causes, what other causes are you passionate about and why?

Amirah: I am deeply passionate about women’s empowerment and equality. With women constituting about half of the population, it’s time to strive for greater representation and recognition.

2. What are your interests outside of Aidha?

Amirah: I’m on a quest to collect passport stamps and calories from around the world. When I’m not travelling, you’ll find me on the couch, indulging in cinematic adventures or getting lost in the pages of books.

Nad: Films, art, live music. When I’m not trying to keep up with The Projector’s programmes or catching the latest local underground gig at a random industrial building, I co-run a local Riot Grrrl chapter where we make zines together!

3. What’s your go-to productivity hack or work ritual that keeps you on top of your game?

Amirah: I truly believe that listening to our bodies when we’re tired is important. Taking breaks isn’t just a life hack; it’s a simple truth. Stepping back to unwind when we need to rest is crucial to ensure we can consistently offer our best to serve the MDW community.

Nad: When I work-from-home, I try to take at least 2 walks before/after work or during lunch breaks. It almost acts as a reset for me and keeps me more alert than my coffee does. Since most of the work I do involves looking at the computer screen 99% of the time, it’s a good way for me to give my eyes a break too.

4. Why is financial education important for women?

Amirah: I am committed to the belief that financial education serves as a super important pathway for women, unlocking opportunities for personal growth and financial freedom.

Nad: I feel it’s important as it serves as a cornerstone for cultivating a profound sense of financial independence and stability. This knowledge not only fosters a heightened awareness of personal finances but also empowers us to be in full control of our own financial destinies.

5. What is your favourite quote?

Amirah: My all-time favourite quote was from Raden Ajeng Kartini, an Indonesian national heroine and pioneer in the emancipation of Indonesian women: “Habis gelap terbitlah terang.” It translates to “After darkness, comes the light.”

Nad: “All girls to the front.” Kathleen Hanna, one of the original Riot Grrrls and lead singer of 90’s punk band, Bikini Kill, famously said this at one of the band’s live shows. To me, it’s Hanna’s way of using her platform to invite/include more women into the punk scene and also protect them from violent male moshing that usually happens at punk gigs. It’s a quote that I find empowering and inspiring.

6. What are your hopes for Aidha in 2024?

Amirah: In the coming year, my heartfelt hope is to extend our reach to more MDWs, fostering a nurturing community where they can flourish, be authentic, and uplift one another. I also look forward to witnessing more Aidha students achieving their aspirations. Let’s go!

Nad: This year, I hope for Aidha to continue to support more MDWs with our courses and build a stronger community for our students to reach their full potentials!

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