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January 28, 2021 |

Aidha alumna, Nurul Adim (more affectionately known as Ana by her employers) has been working in Singapore for almost ten years. She left her home in East Java, Indonesia, to work in Singapore after her family lost income and found themselves in financial need. Nurul chose to work in Singapore, feeling that it is not too far away from Indonesia and that her basic English would mean she could comfortably converse with her employers here. Nurul has been happily working with the Phua family for over eight years now since their first son, Gabriel, was around a year old.


Nurul and the Phua family at her graduation in 2018

Mrs Linda Phua explains that her family has always valued education highly and that is the main reason they made a decision to support Nurul’s learning journey at Aidha. The Phuas not only encouraged Nurul to join the financial education classes but also supported the cost of fees and encouraged her along the way.

Now that Nurul has completed her Aidha courses, she has started saving money consistently and she has put together a plan to start a business. Being a good cook, she’d like to build on her baking and culinary skills and open an eatery back home. 

“Given her talent in cooking delicious food for our family, we are hopeful that she will succeed in her business endeavour,”  Mrs Phua tells us.



All smiles – Nurul and her classmates at Aidha!

After she graduated from Aidha, Nurul wanted to continue to develop her leadership skills and to support other women’s learning. She became an Aidha Big Sister and now welcomes new students, supporting them through their Module 1 classes. Being a student not so long ago, Nurul understands the challenges new students face. 


Nurul and her featured photograph at Unspoken Life Photography Exhibition 2018

Having found her confidence and voice, Nurul also likes to express herself through photography. To encourage her budding passion, the Phuas gifted Nurul with a camera and she has taken beautiful photos ever since. Her photographs have been featured in Aidha’s Unspoken Life Photography Competition and Exhibition.

Many of Aidha’s students say they join our classes because their employers encouraged them to, many also sponsoring some or all of their course fees. We are immensely grateful to supportive employers like the Phuas who make a massive difference and help our students make the most of the opportunities we offer.

If you employ a helper, or you know a helper who would benefit from Aidha’s classes, do tell her all about us! Whilst our Gift of Education campaign is ongoing, employers who sponsor their helper’s studies can request an attractive e-gift card for your Chinese New Year Ang Bao here.

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