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November 11, 2020 |

Every year, Aidha corporate partners, supporters, volunteers, staff and students come together to ‘Ride for Aidha’ in OCBC Cycle. This year, the much-anticipated sporting event was re-conceived as a Virtual Ride. Despite the changes to the event, the Aidha community rose to the challenge and we’re delighted to have more than 135 riders now completing their distance rides on behalf of Team Aidha.

The new format allows cyclists to choose their own route and day of cycling. They’re completing their rides between 1-15 November, and you can follow their progress on our social media pages. Please support our riders by donating here.


Dewi and cycling mate, Hartinah, during their practice ride along Marina Bay Sands boardwalk!

Team Aidha rider and Aidha alumna, Dewi Triani, has shared with us her experience participating in the Virtual Ride. She started cycling about 4 years ago, for leisure, and only started to really get into it after she joined Aidha’s Bike Ride in 2017. “My heels hurt before, but it got better since I started cycling regularly,” mentioned Dewi as she recalled her first few ventures into the high-adrenaline world of cycling. Dewi and her fellow cyclist, Hartinah, started practising well before the commencement of the Virtual Ride, clocking an impressive 52 km during one of their practice rides! 


Safety first- Dewi all geared up for her ride!

Being a seasoned cyclist, Dewi follows these guidelines strictly before her rides. Before getting on her bike, Dewi makes it a point to always check her bike’s conditions, especially the tyres and brakes. She also urges all riders to wear a helmet and to bring along a water bottle to keep hydrated especially when out cycling during midday. And lastly, Dewi never forgets to apply sunscreen before daytime rides, to protect her skin from UV rays.


Taking a breather and enjoying the views!

Aside from the natural health benefits of cycling, Dewi enjoys cycling along stretches of greenery as it reminds her of the countryside. Her favourite cycling route is from Mandai Road to Old Lim Chu Kan Road, due to less traffic and the serene scenery.


Dewi clocked in 66.8 km on the first day of the Virtual Ride!


Dewi and cycling buddy, Hartinah squeezing in a quick selfie during their ride!

“I feel good after the ride, and I always want to cycle more!” Dewi just can’t get enough of cycling! 

Dewi, just like many of Team Aidha’s riders have already completed the full distance of their Bike Rides and they are still cycling on! Ride for Aidha 2020 launches this year’s Gift of Education campaign. We hope to raise $30,000 to kickstart our end-of-year giving campaign.

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