Memories Made to Last – Graduation 2021

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December 9, 2021 |

Our Graduation Ceremony is special for us. It is the day the entire Aidha community comes together to celebrate our graduates from Modules 2 and 3. These are students who have spent at least 12 months learning from our financial education programmes and put in the hard work and deep thinking to make their own personal financial plans and business plans.

Last year’s virtual celebration was a success and we were determined to make 2021’s Graduation Day as memorable! With plans and preparations starting months ahead, we explored new ways to create the warmth and fervour of our previous in-person ceremonies and looked at how we could better deliver the experience online.

We had 81 students graduating this year, and most of them completed their classes virtually – an amazing feat in the new normal for this year!

Smile for the camera!

Every Aidha student looks forward eagerly to her graduation photo – a memento of her hard work and achievements, and a wonderful memory to revisit along her journey.



Graduates having fun at the photoshoot!

This year we ensured each of our graduating students got a formal grad photograph shot at a studio, carefully following safety measures. We are thrilled to have made this a possibility despite restrictions.

“I can’t believe the day is here, I’m so happy to complete all three modules finally!” Neli, our Module 3 student, expressed her overwhelming joy as she posed for her photo.

Graduation day is finally here!

On Sunday, 31 October, our MC extraordinaire, Ting Claravall led the audience through the proceedings. Over 50 graduates joined us live via Zoom. We had more than 60 viewers tuning in live on Facebook live, and over close to 2,000 have since watched the recording!


Graduates joining the live stream via Zoom!

The energy was palpable with over 100 live comments coming in during the stream, families of graduates tuning in from their hometowns, and supportive employers joining in and leaving their congratulatory messages too!

In the opening address, Aidha’s CEO Jacqueline Loh praised the graduates for their determination to complete their studies in the face of yet another challenging and extraordinary year. She commended the many who have had to adapt to online learning and give up their only day off in a week in order to complete their courses. She also applauded the outstanding determination shown by the entire Aidha community, including staff, mentors, volunteers, and supporters.


Our emcee, Ting, in action!

Unique addition this year!

To make the experience more life-like and enjoyable, we created Social Walls for every graduating batch! To replicate the fun tradition of signing on yearbooks, we invited our graduates, mentors and supporters to leave congratulatory messages and well wishes on the virtual message board.


The many well wishes and lovely notes!

Special messages from our special guests!

We were delighted to receive congratulatory and encouraging messages from H.E. Joseph Del Mar Yap, the Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to Singapore, Saleemah Ismail, Aidha’s Board Member, mentors of the graduating batches and our Yoga and Zumba coaches, Monica and Melanie!

A memorable ending indeed!

Our graduation ceremony often ends with an energetic dance led by Sari Marsden, Aidha supporter and coach. This year, for the first time ever, we managed to arrange a virtual dance session led by the amazing Sari! Our graduates joined via Zoom and danced to ‘Proud’ by Heather Small – a fitting song for our proud graduates who have accomplished so much in an otherwise whirlwind of a year!


Our graduates beaming with pride and they participated in the dance led by Coach Sari!

Get to know our graduates!

We created a virtual yearbook – a compilation of our graduates’ best memories at Aidha and their favourite motivational quotes. Read their short, sweet and altogether heart-warming entries here.


Our virtual yearbook for our remarkable graduates!

Our heartiest congratulations to Aidha’s exceptional Graduating Class of 2021. The proud faces of our graduates will be a memory we will all treasure as 2021 draws to a close!

For those who missed the live event, you can still watch the recording on our Facebook page here!

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