Ismiatun’s Big Plans!

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April 8, 2021 |

Ismiatun Iskun came to Singapore from Indonesia more than 20 years ago, leaving her then four-year-old son. During her time working here as a foreign domestic worker (FDW), Ismiatun attended several courses to expand her skill-set. With the encouragement and support of her employers, she started taking sewing courses and learned how to design and create her own bags and more from scratch! With further self-directed practice and research, she was able to create more elaborate and intricate designs and is excited to try other designs!


Ismiatun holding her beautiful handmade handbag

Ismiatun joined Aidha in 2016 after being introduced to Aidha by her employers. She was eager to learn to manage her finances and how to open up a business. After completing all three financial education modules at Aidha, she now has a business plan in hand, ready to be executed when she goes home.


Ismiatun (left) with her classmates preparing for Aidha’s Graduation Ceremony in October 2019

“My hobby is teaching, and I like sewing too, so I would like to explore that when I go home,” says Ismiatun, explaining that she wants to combine both of her passions in her business by opening up a sewing school cum studio in her hometown in Lampung, Indonesia.

Her interest in teaching piqued after using her newly acquired sewing skills to teach her friends on off days at the void deck. She was also inspired by her mentors at Aidha and saw how teaching could make a difference in others’ lives. During her stint as an Aidha “Big Sister”, she also enjoyed helping newer students get to grips with the lessons at the same time as providing much-needed guidance and advice.


Big Sister Ismiatun (in white scarf) with her Module 1 class in 2019

Ismiatun would like to give back to her community by providing job opportunities for the women and girls there and imparting the knowledge and skills she has learned during her time working here. “I would like to pass it on. I see it happen and it is truly life-changing!”

“I’m looking forward to seeing my granddaughter grow up and to start my business.” Ismiatun shared with us enthusiastically as she excitedly awaits to return home for good. This may be the end of her journey working here as an FDW, but it is also the beginning of an exciting new chapter when she goes home!

We are proud to support students like Ismiatun to acquire not only the necessary knowledge to start a business but also the leadership skills and confidence to take charge of her life to reach her goals, as well as supporting others in the process. We wish her every success!

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