Empowered Entrepreneur: Nan Seng’s Journey to Skincare Success

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February 28, 2024 |

Nan Seng, hailing from Kachin, Myanmar, started working in Singapore in 2013. Fueled by a determination to support her family and herself, Nan Seng, initially a nurse, recognised the limitations of her income back home. In 2018, she discovered Aidha and enrolled in its empowering modules, graduating in 2019 with newfound confidence.

Her journey didn’t conclude with the completion of her courses; it blossomed into a testament to the powerful impact of education. Harnessing the motivation and guidance acquired at Aidha, Nan Seng delved into soap and perfume-making courses, broadening her horizons and unlocking her creative potential. Graduating in 2019 wasn’t an endpoint; it was a launchpad for her dreams!


“After studying in Aidha, I changed to be more confident. Now, there are a lot of things I can do. I can use the computer and design my business logo.”


Returning to Myanmar in June 2023, Nan Seng embarked on a mission close to her heart: launching a skincare business. Driven by a commitment to natural ingredients and sustainability, she envisioned products catering to those with sensitive skin, sourced locally to help nearby farms and suppliers.


Nan Seng’s narrative resonates as a beacon of empowerment, a story where education begets confidence and dreams germinate into reality. Her success echoes Aidha’s commitment to fostering financial independence. Yet, Nan Seng’s journey doesn’t stop here – she aspires to uplift her community back in Myanmar, creating a ripple effect of empowerment that transcends borders. We wish her all the success in her entrepreneurial endeavours!

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