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December 9, 2021|

Janeta Espiritu left Manila, Philippines, and landed in Singapore in 2011 as a migrant domestic worker. She brought with her a hope to give her two kids a better life. Janeta recalls her difficulties starting work as a 17-year-old in The Philippines and the hurdles she faced trying to rent a place to live.


“My children are my world.” Janeta (left) and her daughter (right).

It was this struggle that made her determined to build her own house in 2004.”I experienced how difficult it was to rent a house and that’s when I had a dream of buying a house and renting out the rooms,” Janeta explained.


Aidha’s Business Plan grand winner, Janeta, during prize presentation with Aidha CEO, Jacqueline Loh!

Last October, Janeta graduated from Aidha with her business plan in hand. She wowed us with her presentation at the virtual Graduation Ceremony with her idea to open a bed space for female tenants. She explained that common rental space is often overcrowded and added, “It was not easy looking for the perfect place that offers me the privacy and comfort, something that I really need.”  Bed spaces, she observed, are in high demand in her town as they are affordable.

Janeta decided to open ‘Lady BedSpacers’. Her utmost priority is to ensure privacy, safety and comfort to her tenants by offering unique access cards for each room.


Janeta’s vision is to prove a safe, comfortable and cost-effective living solution for ladies!


It’s all about location! Janeta’s bed space is right opposite a primary school, making it especially convenient for its staff. It is also within a stone’s throw of amenities such as the wet market, malls, hospitals, and a church.

Applying what she learned at Aidha’s Module 3 – Start Your Business course, she plans to continuously improve her offering with data and feedback collected from regular surveys with her tenants to understand their changing needs. Janeta is planning to build a third storey ready to accommodate more tenants once the situation improves back home. This would also allow her to hire more employees to help her manage more tenants.

And that is Janeta’s story. What a brilliant idea to provide a safe living space for women! All the best for your business venture, Janeta. We are all rooting for you!

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